About AAN

Aloha Activation Network, Inc. (AANI), A public 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, has two exciting programs to serve the community that are available to everyone. 

The Name: Aloha Activation Network

Aloha, because AAN was founded in Hawaii. 

The word Aloha was added because there is another organization in the USA that goes by the name Activation Network. However, Aloha means a lot more than just a greeting, farewell, or love. (The short version: Aloha means the breath of God, which means being alive and being truthful). Having an active, truthful organization on which God breathes His blessings is not bad.

Activation because it is the primary mission and reason for AAN.

The definition of activation, according to Webster, is the noun form of the transitive verb to make active or more active and the intransitive verb to become active. Google Dictionary defines “active” as a person engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits as well as doing things for an organization, cause, or campaign rather than simply giving it one's support. AAN wants to spur you to action.

Network, because it means serving along with the community, which is the primary activity of AAN.

Inc., because AAN is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Registered with the IRS as a community education and service organization.

AAN supports all the communities to help motivate and encourage others to live the Aloha Spirit.

To motivate and encourage

The number one reason people do not do new things or make changes in their lives is that they do not know how to start. Once started, the main reason for failure is not knowing whether or not we are doing it properly. Through “Activations,” AAN overcomes these two problems with personal, step-by-step suggestions and encouragement until people cannot help but start and keep doing. 

Just telling people what needs to be done or reading them a list of do’s and don'ts will not always make it happen. Most of us learn best by doing. However, the new skill will not become permanent until we know it is useful to us personally and that we are doing it correctly.

A lot of organizations give instructions on how and what needs to be done, but very few are willing to help you get it done. Aloha Activation Network is dedicated to offering a helping hand to all the people of the community to start doing/applying the knowledge they have acquired. 

"Doing doesn't happen unless you are motivated to take action."

AAN/AAM Associate

An associate is a volunteer who wants to be a recognized partner with Aloha Activation Network (AAN) or Aloha Activation Ministries (AAM)

A volunteer participant of an existing AAN or AAM activation team

Activation Team Representative for an organization’s independent activation project or event

Activation Team Leader of an individual's activation project or event

Contact AAN/AAM today and start doing your dream! Jobs@AlohaActivationNetwork.com

The executive officers of AAN/AAM

The Executive Director of Aloha Activation Network, Inc. is Dr. Gene Behl, PhD

The Technical Director of Aloha Activation Network, Inc. is John Behl

The Administration Director of Aloha Activation Network, Inc. is Mary Smedley

The General Director of Aloha Activation Network, Inc. is Barbara Behl

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at questions@AloahaActivationNetwork.com