Public Relations Team Leader

Aloha Activation Network (AAN) is looking for a Public Relations Team Leader.


Outgoing energetic personality. Believe and live the Aloha Spirit (H.R.S. 5-7.5). Must have access to a computer (Google Chrome) and smartphone. Must demonstrate knowledge of AAN ( Proof of commitment.


Looking for an energetic, charismatic public relations team leader to introduce AAN to the world. Build relationships with everyone in the community and beyond. Someone to become the voice and face of AAN. Research and apply for grants to help spread the Aloha Spirit. Also, we need you to find new and exciting ways to enhance donations and expand our services. The public relations team leader will also help establish and manage Hui Aloha Activations (HA’A). Recruit and supervise a team of volunteers to help you in your duties. Report directly to the CEO of AAN.


There are no employees at AAN at this time. Everyone is a volunteer.  However,  you will receive a salary once HA'A is up and running.

To apply, send your one-page resume by Email to

More details will be requested later.

Resume must include: